Turn Your Paper Docs into Business Data, Part 2


My blog editor (WordPress) still flags this word as misspelled, as if to say, “Hey!  You can’t make up words here.” But, in today’s world, searchability is paramount.

As an example, I have roughly 5,000 contacts on my smartphone.  It slows me down and reduces my productivity to look for Henry Rollins by scrolling from A to R and then for me to scroll more slowly once I get in the “R”s.  I use the integrated search bar and type in R-O-L and go from there.

Your business information can have the same utility.  There are two ways to approach this:

  • Google-Style full-text search
  • Metadata and Document Classification

Full-text Search: Enabling faster document retrieval practices

Full-text search is both new and exciting, as well as common-place.  When a company name becomes synonymous with their field and even gets used as a verb, such as in “I need some new shoes.  I’m gonna Google the new Air Jordans”, we can take it as a pretty good sign of a new way of doing things.

Your old business records can work in the same way.  If you do nothing more than scan and implement Optical Character Recognition (OCR) within everything in your file cabinet, you can search for a client’s name, a product offering, case number, receipt record or even a city name.

Granted, you may frequently get way more results or “hits” on your search than expected, but it’s a far better thing than thumbing through file cabinets. You can refine your search results by implementing several tagging codes within the PDFs or creating specific filing codes for documents.

Stay tuned for part 3

Tim Peregoy, Client Engagement Manager for Axiom, has worked in the digital imaging sector for two decades. He welcomes your comments

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